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DMCC is an R&D, engineering and consulting company founded in 2003 by professional engineers and researchers that have already had extensive experience in power industry.

The company concentrates its activities in different areas of power system studies including stability analysis, complex power systems simulation, protection coordination and arc flash hazard study, software models’ development and verification, ñonceptual pre-design, design, renewables connection study, FACTS, HVDC, SmartGrid, WAMS, HIL/MIL feasibility study, design of special protection automatics, software development and trainings.

DMCC uses the state of the art software simulation tools developed by the world leaders in the power systems consulting and computer analysis.DIgSILENT GmbH Our company is an official representative of the leading international electrical engineering and consulting firm DIgSILENT GmbH.

DMCC also collaborates with universities, research and consultancy firms. DMCC participates in large scale international consulting, scientific and research projects related to power systems’ interconnection and master planning, development and testing of new technologies in power industry.

DMCC work is largely for institutional clients who appreciate quality in the services we provide. Our clients are the world’s leading companies (The Forbes 2000 companies list) from the United States, United Kingdom, and France plus the leading domestic enterprises of electric power industry, including TSO, industrial plants and utilities.

Our competitive advantages:

  • DMCC has highly qualified research and engineering team leading by Doctor of Sciences, P&G EMEA Global power system Team certified electrical engineer. The team includes Ph.D. in power systems, researchers, postgraduate students and engineers certified in Germany to perform power system studies using PowerFactory.

  • DMCC has unique know-how in the field of simulation and analysis of power systems. All intellectual property rights on in-house developed software models, computer programs, automation scripts, trainings and data bases are duly registered. More than 20 intellectual property rights certificates securely protect DMCC know-how.

  • DMCC has many years’ international and local experience in performing power system studies, conducting research and delivering engineering projects according to the emerging standards in power industry.

  • DMCC uses cutting edge technologies in power systems simulation. In particular, DMCC has strong experience in power systems simulation using unique software PowerFactory developed by the world leader in the power systems consulting and computer analysis.

  • DMCC has support from the leading international electrical engineering and consulting firm DIgSILENT GmbH. DMCC is an official representative of DIgSILENT GmbH.

  • DMCC collaborates with scientific and research institutes of the NAS of Ukraine, technical universities, design companies and technological centres.

  • DMCC provides knowledge transfer and training for its clients in the process of execution of scientific and technical works, conducting of computational researches and delivering consulting services.

  • DMCC is qualified by EBRD as business service provider in the area of engineering studies. DMCC quality management system of consulting and engineering services in the field of electricity transmission and distribution has been certified in accordance with ISO-9001:2000 by UkrEnergoCert Certification Body (EuroCert).

  • DMCC possess the most advanced own computer simulation systems, including training center with application server architecture, thin clients and multiuser database, center of power systems simulation with cutting edge super PC technologies, parallel computing and complex visualization.
  • News and Events

    Ñîëíå÷íàÿ ýëåêòðîñòàíöèÿ
    DIgSILENT successfully commissioned its PV power plant. The PV plant consists of 12 tracker systems with 2-axis control. DIgSILENT PV power plant uses SMA Inverters and SMA Sunny Web Box with Internet connection.

    DIgSILENT has released a new test verification tool called "DIgSILENT GridCode v2.0", in response to the need to verify whether a wind farm, solar plant, or any other generator is compliant with local Grid Codes (Spain-REE, Germany-E.ON and MV, England – NGC, France-RTE) requirements on basis of unit tests executed.

    We kindly invite electrical engineers and designers to participate in our regular trainings.

    Seminars: Power System Stability, Dynamic Modelling (DSL) Workshop, WindFarm Modelling, PowerFactory for Advanced Users. Germany, 2015.

    SIGRE Session 2016, 25-30 August, Paris, France

    National Grid, TSO (UK), has acquired corporate license (165 user installations) for the PowerFactory software.

    Company news

    june'2017 DMCC deputy principal engineer together with colleagues from NPC Ukrenergo presented the paper titled: “Frequency Stability Simulation Considering Under-frequency Load Shedding Relays, Special Protection Automatics And AGC Software Models” at the 12th IEEE Power and Energy Society PowerTech Conference, PowerTech Manchester 2017.


    may'2017 DMCC engineer participated in the training on Power System Stability simulation in PowerFactory held in Germany and was granted by DIgSILENT certificate.

    may'2017 DMCC engineer participated in the training on HVDC & FACTS simulation in PowerFactory held in Germany and was granted by DIgSILENT certificate.

    april'2017 DMCC develops Five Year Electric Distribution Master Network Development Plan for “Energopro” in the republic of Georgia (in progress).

    april'2017 DMCC develops simulation models for master planning, large scale renewables integration and system studies of Central Asia UHV power grid, supplies calculation automation scripts and providing trainings program on PowerFactory (in progress).

    march'2017 DMCC updated and supplied additional licenses of DIgSILENT PowerFactory software to NPC Ukrenergo, including Protection Functions and CIM Import/Export (ENTSO-E profile) plus in-house developed software script and DSL model for simulation of specific UFLS relay logic.


    february'2017 DMCC simulates, develops schemes and analyzes of voltage profiles to energize auxiliary systems of Ukrainian NPPs from ENTSO-e power systems in a case of IPS of Ukraine blackout.

    january'2017 DMCC simulates an interaction between of hydroelectric generators of HPPs and generating units of thermal power plants under the control of the AGC system of IPS of Ukraine. The aim of the project is to develop the detailed model of AGC system and to perform IPS of Ukraine system study to parameterize the controller.


    december'2016 DMCC has developed, validated and delivered to the Client the dynamic software model of the test grid to investigate under frequency load shedding (UFLS) scheme using the initial rate-of-change of frequency (ROCOF) principle.

    december'2016 DMCC consults TSO Ukrenergo how to harmonize their Ten-Year Network Development Plan (10YNDP) with modern approaches and methodologies used in ENTSO-e. The draft of the 10YNDP has received a positive feedback from the Client and from the National Regulator. The recommendations to improve master planning processes and perspective grid’s computer simulation, as well as the action plan of capacity building have been proposed in the study.


    october’2016 DMCC has developed the methodology of the operation of largescale solar plants and wind farms for tuning of special protection system for stability control in IPS of Ukraine.

    september’2016 DMCC continues to perform system stability studies for HPPs of Dnipro cascade under support of USAID/USEA.

    august’2016 DMCC has completed grid compliance study for the wind farm connection project of Vindkraft Ukraine. The load flow, voltage/reactive power control, energy losses and power quality (flicker and harmonics) studies have been done.

    july’2016 DMCC provided trainings on eigenvalues analysis, oscillation stability and renewables connection studies in PowerFactory for Ukrenrego’s engineers.

    june’2016 DMCC engineer participated in the training on EMT simulation in PowerFactory held in Germany and was granted by DIgSILENT certificates.


    may’2016 DMCC has participated in the presentation on PowerFactory software and its applications for renewables integration to KEGOC grid in Kazakhstan.

    march’2016 DMCC supplied the training on distribution network analysis using PowerFactory software to the utility company KievOblEnergo.

    february’2016 DMCC starts the power system study to analyse the evacuation scheme of Dnister HPSPP. Dynamic models development and transient stability analysis are key components of the study.

    january’2016 DMCC performs arc flash hazard study for electrical power supply system of industrial plant in Hungary. Short circuit analysis, protection coordination and PPE selection are included in the project.

    december’2015 DMCC has delivered series of presentations on power system planning and PowerFactory applications for system operators of Central Asia in the frame of USAID/ECODIT EnergyLinks project.

    december’2015 DMCC performs simulation of electromechanical transients and modal analysis to study the causes of inter-area low frequency power oscillations in the IPS of Ukraine under the switching operation at Rivne NPP to NPC "Ukrenergo".

    november’2015 Five DMCC engineers completed the course titled “Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python” and received honor code certificates from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

    august’2015 DMCC has signed the contract with the United States Energy Association to provide consultancy service on power system studies and transient stability analysis.

    june’2015 DMCC Deputy principal engineer together with scientists from the UK and Chile conducted the research on Flexible AGC System for Embedded HVDC Links and presented its results at IEEE PowerTech conference in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

    may’2015 DMCC engineer participated in the training on PYTHON using in PowerFactory held in Germany and he was granted by DIgSILENT certificates.


    april’2015 DMCC performs the feasibility study for synchronous interconnection of “Island of Moldavian GRES” to Continental Europe ENTSO-E power system.

    march’2015 DMCC realizes the power system study to design intelligent automatic under-voltage load shedding system in regional deficient power system with significant penetration of renewables.

    february’2015 DMCC participates in the development of Master Plan for the South Ukraine Regional Transmission Network including Solar and Wind Power Integration in cooperation with DIgSILENT GmbH and in the frame of EU and EBRD-financed consultancy contract.


    january’2015 DMCC has been involved in EU supported UMPSI-2015 project on the feasibility study on Interconnection of UA&MD to Continental Europe ENTSO-E system.

    december’2014 DMCC finalised in depth system analysis devoted to the computation of TTC for the important internal interface of two nuclear power plants in Ukraine. Steady state and transient stability studies have been done.

    december’2014 DMCC performs power system studies to design the special protection automatic (SPA) for south part of IPS of Ukraine.

    november’2014 DMCC has been contracted to perform grid connection study for the large-scale wind farm project. The special questions are power quality (harmonic distortion and resonance), protection coordination (directional overcurrent, distance and differential) and voltage control studies.

    november’2014 DMCC has completed power system study for supply systems of industrial factory in eastern Ukraine. The short circuit calculations, protection coordination and arc-flash hazard analyses have been done.

    november’2014 DMCC has been contracted to perform frequency stability study for coordination of under-frequency load shedding schemes with frequency protections of nuclear power plants.

    october’2014 DMCC has completed two power system studies for supply systems of industrial factories located in Hungary. The short circuit calculations, protection coordination and arc-flash hazard analyses have been done.

    october’2014 DMCC started stability study related with generator’s excitation system replacement for CHPP in the northern part of Ukraine.

    september’2014 DMCC has been granted the award ‘’Scientific Partner” from the Institute of electrodynamics of NAS of Ukraine. The Institute presents this award for outstanding achievements and long-term R&D cooperation in the field of power system studies. The designation confirms that DMCC can be seen as a sound R&D company.


    august’2014 DMCC has been awarded a R&D contract on actualisation of allowable power transfers through IPS of Ukraine interfaces.

    july’2014 DMCC has been selected for R&D project in power systems on verification of simulation models of generators AVR and governors controls for stability calculations of IPS of Ukraine.

    june’2014 DMCC engineers participated in the training on overcurrent and distance protection settings calculation in Germany and were granted by DIgSILENT certificates.


    may’2014 DMCC has launched new services on overcurrent and distance protection coordination in 110 (154) kV networks.

    april’2014 DMCC has completed the power system study for P&G Novomoskovsk plant (Russia). The study included short circuits calculations, protection coordination and arc-flash hazard analysis.

    march'2014 DMCC has completed the research contract and has developed region specific characteristics of loads (voltage dependency of active and reactive loads) to be used for load-flow and steady state stability studies in Interconnected Power System of Ukraine.


    february’2014 DMCC Employees in the Ukrainian delegation visited Headquarters of Tractebel Engineering (Brussels) with aim of discussions of bilateral current projects and planning of cooperation in the area of power system studies.

    january’2014 DMCC has been subcontracted to perform system stability study for new excitation system with AVR and PSS.

    december’2013 DMCC engineers participated in the training on grid connection of renewable generation in Germany and were granted by DIgSILENT certificates.

    november’2013 DMCC has finalized the frequency control study in power systems with different levels of renewable penetration.

    october’2013 DMCC engineers participated in the training on power system stability simulation in PowerFactory in Germany and were granted by DIgSILENT certificates.


    september'2013 DMCC delivered the presentation on power systems studies at the DIgSILENT Representatives Meetings in Germany.

    july'2013 DMCC has assisted DIgSILENT GmbH in power plants data collection to create a dynamic software model of Mongolian power system and to simulate the transient stability.

    june'2013 DMCC has supplied Power Factory software and delivered a five-day training for nine DTEK engineers in the area of power systems simulation.

    may'2013 DMCC has completed the voltage control study for 175 MWp PV-project.

    april'2013 DMCC has started providing consultancy for B.A.T. energy supply project.

    february’2013 DMCC has delivered user customized training for FACTS simulation in PowerFactory.

    January’2013 DMCC together with National Grid (UK) has negotiated the R&D project on simulation model of automatic frequency control system.

    november’2012 DMCC engineer participated in the training on the integration into the grid of variable renewable generation and obtained the certificate «DIgSILENT Grid Connection of Renewable Generation».

    november’2012 DMCC was granted the research contract by NPC Ukrenergo to study schemes for nuclear power plants restoration in case of blackout.

    november’2012 DMCC has supplied DIgSILENT Power Factory software licenses and provide five days training for six engineers of AES-Kyivoblenergo.

    october’2012 DMCC performed technical due diligence of the feasibility study for the 500 MW wind farm project for EDP Renewables (Spain).

    october’2012 DMCC engineers took part at the VESTAS’s training devoted to the simulation of wind farms to grid connection.

    october ’2012 DMCC has completed the power system study for Tambrands Ltd (Ukraine). The study included short circuits calculations, protection coordination and arc-flash hazard analysis.

    september ’2012 DMCC has completed the power system study for CAPELLA Ltd (Russia). The study included short circuits calculations, protection coordination and arc-flash hazard analysis.

    august’2012 DMCC completed grid stability study for the large-scale wind farm project of EuroCape Ukraine. Transient and oscillation stabilities, LVRT requirements have been considered.

    july’2012 DMCC completed renewable energy integration study for NPC Ukrenergo.

    june’2012 The consortium agreement has been signed between Tractebel-Engineering (Belgium) and DMCC to execute the EBRD-financed consultancy contract and to perform power system studies for the Master Plan of the 750kV second backbone in Ukraine.

    may'2012 Two DMCC’s employees received an award of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine "The most talented young scientists in the field of basic and applied research, scientific and technological developments in 2011" for the creation of scientific and technical foundations to ensure stability of the IPS of Ukraine taking into account peculiarities of automatic regulation in power plants.

    april’2012 DMCC Principal Engineer has delivered the presentation titled “Technical aspects of collaboration between system operator and PV plant developer to solve the problem of integration of tens MW rating PV solar plants into power systems” at the conference on Solar Energy in Eastern Europe and the CIS.

    march’2012 DMCC engineer participated in the training on regulators modelling and dynamic simulation of electromechanical transients and obtained the certificate «DIgSILENT Simulation Language».

    february’2012 DMCC has successfully completed power system study to specify technical requirements for the first Ukrainian utility SVC. The SVC is planned to be deployed in Crimea for voltage control, integration of renewables and increasing of power transfer capacity.

    december’2011 DMCC has developed computer simulation system for steady state analysis and stability calculation of IPS of Ukraine using DIgSILENT PowerFactory and delivered it to NPC Ukrenergo.

    december’2011 DMCC engineers participated in the training on wind farms simulation in PowerFactory software in Germany. The «DIgSILENT. Modeling of Wind Generation» certificates have been issued for all participants.


    december’2011 DMCC was contracted by Ospriy Solar Ltd to perform the voltage distortion study in the network with PV solar plants. DMCC provided recommendations on mitigation of the THD problems for new PV plants.

    november’2011 DMCC engineer’s participated in the training on harmonic calculation in PowerFactory software in Germany. The «DIgSILENT. Harmonic Analysis» certificate has been issued for the participant.

    october’2011 DMCC principal engineer participated in the 1st International Workshop on Integration of Solar Power into Power Systems held in Aarhus, Denmark.

    september’2011 DMCC has been pre-qualified by EBRD as business service provider in the area of engineering studies within EBRD Business Advisory Service Program.


    august’2011 DMCC delivered five days training named “Introduction to PowerFactory” for network planners of NPC “Ukrenergo”.

    july’2011 DMCC has successfully completed the PV plants grid connection study for Activ Solar.


    june’2011 DMCC has completed the study on the reliability of power supply in the case of synchronous connection IPS of Ukraine with ENTSO-E system.

    may’2011 DMCC was invited by ALSTOM Grid to take part in the scientific and technical visit to the SVC installation (240 Mvar, 400 kV) at the Kangasala substation, to the FINGRID Dispatching Center and to the Power Electronics Tampere (PET) Plant where FACTS are produces and designed using PowerFactory software and RTDS.

    april’2011 DMCC is delighted to announce that the prestigious Lebedev Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) has been presented to Dr. V.Pavlovsky, Principal Engineer of the DMCC, one of the Ukraine’s leading power systems consulting companies. The prize (for the outstanding achievement in the electrical engineering and computer sciences) was presented by Academician B.Paton at the NASU annual meeting in April.

    march’2011 DMCC has completed the power system study for industrial plant HYGINETT Kft (Budapest). The study included short circuits calculations, protection coordination and arc-flash hazard analysis.


    january’2011 DMCC has completed the R&D contract for NPC “Ukrenergo” to develop the Ukrainian power system restoration plan in the event of a complete blackout.

    august’2010 DMCC has completed the power system study for S.Petersburg Gillette Company International. The goal of the study was to increase protection system’s performance and to enhance personnel’s safety.

    january'2010 DMCC congratulates its longstanding research partner Dr. Roman Sysak with a Prize of the President of Ukraine for Young Scientists, which awarded him for the outstanding achievement in the electrical engineering: a series of publications titled "Enhancing of the reliability of power system of Ukraine with usage of systems for statistical diagnostics and forecasting of failures of power equipment" which contribute to the further development of science, social progress and approve the high prestige of our company and ukrainian science in the world.

    december’2009 DMCC introduces new state of the art modal analysis technique for the identification of the critical voltage areas and reactive power reserves planning for preventing voltage instability in power systems.

    november’2009 DMCC has supplied 25 software licenses of DIgSILENT Power Factory for use in educational process at the Power System faculty of the "DonNTU".

    september’2009 DMCC and DIgSILENT Iberica, S.L. (Madrid, Spain) are pleased to establish the partnership and the cooperation in implementation of the state of the art services of Wind Farms’ to Grid connection studies in Ukraine and CIS.

    september’2009 DMCC and NPC Ukrenergo experts have delivered the presentation “Power Transfer Capability Assessment of Transmission Interfaces with SVC and Load Shedding Systems” on the 9th IASTED Int. Conf. on the Power and Energy Systems, Spain.

    june’2009 DMCC has completed the pre-feasibility study (LF&TTC assessment) for Zaporizhzhya-Kakhovka Project.


    june’2009 DMCC has delivered four-days training on the modelling and protection coordination of 0,4/6 kV network of the emergency power supply (BN-600 unit auxiliaries) of the Beloyarsk nuclear power plant (BNPP, Russian Federation) using DIgSILENT Power Factory software.

    april’2009 DMCC has supplied 25 software licenses of DIgSILENT Power Factory for use in educational process at the faculty of power industry and automatics of NTUU " KPI".


    january’2009 DMCC introduces new consulting services connected with the integration of the Interconnected Power System (IPS) of Ukraine to UCTE. The services include various feasibility studies to realize synchronous operation. In particular, network planning, load flow, stability calculations, transfer capability assessment, FACTS allocation, dynamic simulation, voltage & VAR control, load models studies may be completed using state of the art integrated power system analysis software DIgSILENT PowerFactory.


    december’2008 DMCC has completed the R&D project on the FACTS research and selection methodology for the transfer capability increasing for TSO NEK Ukrenergo.

    december’2008 DMCC has finalized the Power System Study for North Expansion project of the Borispol P&G plant.

    november'2008 GmbH (Germany) announced the release of PowerFactory version 14. The Russian version of PF14is also available.


    october'2008 DMCC has performed the second part of the feasibility study (protection coordination and arc-flash analysis) for the power supply system expansion project for the P&G Manufacturing industrial plant.

    september'2008 has been granted a research contract named “FACTS Feasibility Study and Methodology Development of FACTS selection (right device, right size, right place, right cost) for National Grid Company (NEK Ukrenergo).


    june'2008 DMCC has completed low voltage busbar reinforcement study. The thermal and electrodynamic withstand ratings of the busbar system have been calculated.

    april'2008 DMCC has performed the first stage of the feasibility study (load flow, short circuit analysis and equipment specification) for the power supply system upgrade project for the P&G Manufacturing Ukraine.

    march'2008 DMCC has signed the engineering supervision contract with Tambrands P&G. The project is connected with plant’s power supply system replacement.


    february'2008 DMCC has completed the international power system study for the supply system of the Hyginett Kft plant (Budapest, Hungary) of the P&G company.

    november'2007 DMCC organized trainings for electrical engineers on distribution system numerical protection, new load connection rules, electricity differential tariff, ASKUE.


    october'2007 DMCC has presented the results of the FACTS benefit study for increasing the total transfer capability of the Ukraine-Crimea transmission corridor to the scientific and technical council of NEK Ukrenergo.


    october'2007 DMCC has completed the power system study for the power system upgrade COZAK project. The project includes short circuit analysis, protection set up development and arc-flash hazard study for new Ring Main System of P&G Manufacturing Ukraine plant.

    august'2007 DMCC and B.A.T. have signed the consulting services agreement to technical engineering support of B.A.T. POWER project.

    august'2007 DMCC and NEK Ukrenergo ( have signed the research contract to perform a feasibility study on the FACTS using for the transmission corridor Ukraine-Crimea performance optimization.


    june'2007 DMCC has successfully completed the project on the structure of the stability control and protection system development for East Donbass Regional Power System of National Grid Company of Ukraine (NPC Ukrenergo). The results of theoretical and engineering findings are structure of the stability control and protection system and the load shedding scheme. The structure of the system allows to take into account the 110 kV networks, which is still unsupervised.

    june'2007 DMCC has successfully executed the contract on designing of transformer station 10/0.4 kV of the industrial plant of the Procter and Gamble.

    april'2007 DMCC has organized two-days course on Electrical calculations and new policy for connection of the industrial plants to the power systems, 24-25th April 2007, Kiev, Ukraine.

    april'2007 DMCC has provided 2-days power system training session for the ESO’s of the Procter and Gamble Corporation’s industrial plants in Ukraine and Russia.


    march'2007 DMCC has completed the project on short circuit, coordination and flash hazard studies in the supply electrical system 0,4-6kV of the factory Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Ukraine.

    december'2006 DMCC has won a research contract to design a structure of the stability control and protection system for East Donbas Regional Power System of National Grid Company of Ukraine (NPC Ukrenergo) ( This success is a perfect illustration of DMCC knowledge and experience in the field of small signal and transient stability studies, modern power engineering software technology utilisation and demonstrates its leading position in complex power system research projects.

    november'2006 DMCC has signed a Consulting Services Agreement with AREVA T&D (, a world leader in the field of power transmission and distribution. DMCC has already supplied various engineering services to AREVA T&D in the field of Distribution Management Platform testing and consulting services. AREVA T&D facing a constantly growing need for such services, takes a decision to co-operate with DMCC in this area.


    august'2006 DMCC has completed the project on short circuit calculation and protection coordination in supply electrical system 0,4-10kV of the factory Tambrands-Ukraine.

    Using D.O.C. Win (ABB software) the variants of equipment selection and protection have been simulated for the renovation project of the substation 10/0,4.


    may'2006 DMCC has realized the project on the feasibility study of the development of power supply system of the British American Tobacco – Priluki Company.

    march'2006 DMCC has delivered the presentation on issues of the TCSC feasibility study for the OHL-330kV Melitopol-Sempfiropol project to the staff of the National Power Company «Ukrenergo».

    february'2006 DMCC has received a state license to design power systems and electrical networks.


    february'2006 Quality Management System of DMCC is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

    december'2005 The project of the software model creation and master plan development for the electrical cable 6,10,35 kV network of the Donetsk city has been completed.

    september'2005 DMCC participates in the designing of the Sherbakovskaya 110/35/10/6 kV substation refurbishment in part of the load flow and short circuit studies.

    july'2005 DMCC has successfully completed the power system study for electrical network 10(0,4 kV) of the Tambrands Ltd. that is part of the Procter and Gamble Corporation. The power system study includes short circuit and protection coordination studies. According to the new safety cod requirements the obtained results are being used for flash hazard study.

    New! april'2005 DMCC proposes new services on power system study which includes short circuit study and coordination study in industrial electrical networks. The flash hazard study is also may be done.

    March'2005 DIgSILENT has been contracted by dena (The German Energy Agency) to asses and review the dena grid study "Aspects of Grid Integration of Onshore and Offshore Wind Power in Germany for the Time Frame Until 2015"

    february'2005 DMCC has contracted by KhersonOblEnergo to engineering services on power systems states simulation, power and energy losses calculations and analysis.

    february '2005 DMCC has contracted by DonetskOblEnergo to engineering services on short circuit study of the distribution network.

    september'2004 DIgSILENT GmbH develops a dispatcher's training system and state estimation software basis on the Power Factory. The system will be integrated with ABB MicroSCADA.

    august'2004 DMCC has contracted by DonetskOblEnergo to engineering services on power systems states simulation, power and energy losses calculations and analysis.

    august'2004 DMCC presented for NERC the new method to determine the losses in the meshed 110 kV networks influenced by the states of the transmission systems.

    june'2004 DMCC and AREVA have agreed to test a new version of e-terraDMP.


    State Estimation of the power systems’ states on the basis of telemetered measurements is a fundamental application of the EMS which allows achieving the high quality operative control of the distribution power systems states

    FACTS - Flexible Alternative Current Transmission System
    UPFC - Unified Power Flow Controller
    IEC-61850 - International Electrotechnical Committee

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