DMCC 1. Company About

Since 2003. Power system planning, analysis and optimization

DMCC Engineering ® is an independent R&D, engineering, and consulting company founded in 2003 by professional engineers and researchers that have already had extensive experience in the power industry. The company concentrates its activities in different areas of power systems digitalization and analysis, including stability studies, complex power systems simulation and modeling, grid interconnection projects and master planning, renewables integration and grid code compliance study, conceptual pre-design, feasibility study for new technologies FACTS, HVDC, BESS, SmartGrid, WAMS, HIL/MIL, research on applications of AI techniques for systems' control and planning, design of special protection automatics, protection coordination and arc flash hazard study for industrial plants, development and validation of models, software development and trainings.

DMCC collaborates with TSOs, ENTSO-E, DNOs, IFIs, USAID, universities and research centers, international consultancy firms. We participate in large scale international consulting, scientific, and research projects related to power systems’ interconnection and master planning.

In general, DMCC is a relatively small “boutique” consulting firm that provides a limited range of very specialized services at reasonable prices. The market niche of the company is highly developed expertise in very specific areas of power systems analysis, including hybrid and smart grids computer simulation, dynamic software models’ development, tuning and verification, user-specific trainings and know how transfer programs, special types of power systems studies.

DMCC work is largely for institutional clients who appreciate quality in the services we provide. Our clients are the world’s leading industrial companies (The Forbes 2000 companies list), global consulting companies, TSO, DNO, research institutions, industrial plants and utilities.

DMCC is active in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Caucus, and Africa.

DMCC works towards bringing more clean energy for All while keeping power systems security and stability using digitalization, system studies, and intelligent software applications.