DMCC 3. Services Consulting

Renewable Integration, Grid Master Planning & HVDC & FACTS Feasibility

DMCC offers professional and independent consultancy and engineering services to the different sectors of the international energy market. We support projects and existing energy assets of our Clients through in-depth power system studies using emerging computer simulation technologies. Our engineering team is always focused to the development of smart and efficient engineering solutions. The knowledge base and know-how of our company have been gained through the years of research and scientific partnerships with academia institutions. DMCC consultancy services can assist you to make a profitable decision with minimum risks for your business.

For our Clients DMCC offers the following consultancy services:

  • Grid Code & Operation Manual Development.
  • Grid Code Compliance.
  • Renewables Integration.
  • Master Planning (5Y, 10Y network development plans).
  • Electrical Design Verification.
  • Technical Due Diligence.
  • Owner's Engineering.
  • Capacity Building.
  • Incidents Investigation.
  • Arc-Flash Hazard And PPE Selection.
  • System Dynamic Performance (AVR & PSS tuning).
  • HVDC & FACTS Feasibility.
  • System Restoration Plan after Blackouts.
  • Sub-synchronous Resonance.
  • Under-Frequency Load Shedding Plan.
  • Design of special stability protection systems, including modelling of SPS.
  • AGC System Simulation and Tuning.