DMCC 3. Services System Integration

PowerFactory interfaces with external software and real-time databases

Today challenges in power system planning are constantly increasing renewables penetration and dispersed generation, energy markets frequently changed cross border flows, and dramatically decreasing of system inertia. To deal with these challenges it is required to employ the advanced simulation technologies and integration of different software, information systems, databases and knowledge bases.

DMCC is ready to propose various solutions to integrate different systems and subsystems with PowerFactory software. Seamless integration of PowerFactory with day-ahead load and renewables production forecast subsystem, unit commitment subsystem and maintenance scheduler allows developing the fully automated DACF/IDCF business process according to the most emerging requirements of ENTSO-e.

A proper approach to system integration allows to develop the following PowerFactory based solutions:

  • D-1 energy losses planning software.
  • State Estimation.
  • On-line N-1 Contingency Analysis (using parallel computing).
  • Online Assessment of Total Transfer Capacity.
  • Online Assessment of System Stability.
  • Expert System to Support Dispatcher in situation awareness.
  • Dispatcher Training System.

Our services in this area also include:

  • Software Installation.
  • Data conversion and migration.
  • Model development.
  • Software interfaces and special coupling scripts.