DMCC 3. Services Software & Simulation Models Development

Development of PowerFactory Models for System Studies

DMCC has extensive knowledge in the development of both user-specific simulation models of unique control equipment and software model of large electrical systems and grids. Our engineers developed PowerFactory models for:

  • Tap changer of the phase-shifting transformer connected to neutral of 750/330 kV single-phase autotransformers 1000 MVA.
  • Controlled shunt reactors with flexible regulation by magnetization of ferromagnetic elements of a magnetic circuit.
  • Russian type Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR SD) which combines automatic control of synchronous machine excitation and multi inputs system stabilization circuits.
  • Automatic Generation Control (AGC) System.
  • Special Protection Scheme (SPS) for stability control.
  • Under Frequency Load Shedding (UFLS) scheme.

The models are being developed by using DPL, Python and DSL tools of PowerFactory. Our company is ready to developed sophisticated models of your power system control equipment, including AVR, FACTS and HVDC.

DMCC is also very experienced in the development of PowerFactory models of distribution, transmission and industrial electrical networks. We use all software features and capabilities to develop the cutting-edge grid model and incorporate into the model complex non-linear dependencies. Our engineers have developed the PowerFactory models for:

  • Auxiliary system of Nuclear Power Plants.
  • Electricity supply system 0,4-6(10) kV of industrial plant.
  • Wind farm collector system.
  • Solar PV plant collector scheme.
  • Distribution Network 35-110 kV.
  • Transmission System 220-500 kV.
  • Ultrahigh Voltage Backbone 750-1150 kV.

Our experience and know how allows our Client to obtain the reliable software model of their network in the relatively short period of time.