DMCC 1. Company Compliance

Corporate Philosophy

From its beginnings, compliance with valid laws and company regulations is our fundamental element. Throughout our history, DMCC company has been guided by the values and ethics of its founders. These include the principle of legality, which obliges each of us to observe compliance with the laws of the countries in which we do our business. Our goal is to promote compliance while preventing misconduct, particularly corruption.

One area of focus, is to show employees how to avoid damage to the company's image that could arise from the fraudulent. We also explain our employees how to follow the environmental protection, labour standards and product safety and service quality. In any of our consultancy projects, we always try to meet our Clients’ expectations keeping balance with independency and proficiency of our recommendations based on the various views of our experts.

DMCC means Data Modeling & Computing Center. This name forces our philosophy to be in line with all its components – Data, Models and Computing. We think that Engineering is all in details!