DMCC 5. Education Knowledge Transfer

PowerFactory and System Studies Training & Internship

By focusing on the needs of our Clients, having performed system studies for the last 20 years, and owing a qualified and experienced engineering team, DMCC is able to deliver high-quality knowledge transfer services, which include training, workshop, and internship programs for our key Clients.

DMCC engineers regularly participate in scientific International conferences and commit technical visits in order to exchange the most emerging knowledge in modern power system technologies.

During the last ten years, we have delivered 95 PowerFactory trainings for 830 electrical engineers and network planners in seven countries. For more information please visit the Training held page of the web site.

The knowledge transfer solution in the area of power system studies includes:

Software Training (regular and user-specific).


Internship programs.

The Software Trainings are focused on PowerFactory software interfaces and simulation features and conduct for a group of up to 10-12 participants. As a rule, simple test network models are used.

The Workshops are focused on the Client's complex grid model and specific Client tasks. As a rule, Workshops were conducted on the results of the power system study for a group of up to 6-8 participants.  

The Internships are focused on technologies of system study  (software, models, methodology, results analysis and its presentation). The participants solve their own real tasks and problems relating to system studies under the supervision of our instructors. This is efficient for a group up to 2-4 participants. The internship programs are proposed to our key Clients. 

Starting from 2020 DMCC proposes free online regular webinars to all of our Clients. Webinars are devoured to the new functionality of the latest version of PowerFactory software. For more information please visit the link below

Our intellectual property data base, projects' knowledge base, years of experience in training and recently started internship programs, all together allow DMCC to propose cutting edge knowledge transfer solutions in the area of power system simulation, stability and control.