DMCC 2. Sectors Transmission

System Interconnection and Stability Studies

The power system studies for UHV transmission grid are core competence of our company. At the transmission level, DMCC works mainly for TSOs in different countries. Our services include data collection, power system analysis, master planning and optimization. DMCC is involved in large-scale interconnection projects, R&D activities and system expansion projects. We assist our clients in development of grid models, capacity building, creation of network development plans, renewables integration, HVDC & FACTS applications, software trainings.

  • DMCC conducts system stability, power oscillation damming (POD) and protection coordination studies.
  • Our clients benefit from our expertise in creating and validation of sophisticated models of user-specific devices and systems, including AGC, SPS and AVR at synchronous machines.
  • We have comprehensive experience in developing of system restoration plans after blackouts, UFLS coordination and protection audit to prevent frequency collapse, transfer capacity assessment for power plants evacuation schemes and grid interfaces.
  • DMCC is involved in development of SuperGrid concept by AC transmission reinforcement with embedded VSC-HVDC and FlexiGrid concept by utilization of FACTS.