DMCC 2. Sectors Industry

Short Circuits, Protection Coordination & Arc-Flash Hazard Studies

The industrial power supply system is very often the medium and low voltage radial cable network situated inside the workhouse and near the personnel workplaces. The supply system includes various MV transformers, switchgears, circuit breakers, relays, releases, fuses, motors and power distribution panels. The personnel safety and reliability of supply are the biggest challenges. How to minimize the incident energy and to keep sufficient discrimination among protection relays for various network configurations and short circuit contributions.

DMCC provides answer on the questions by many years of experience in performing number of Arc-Flash Hazard Studies for industrial plants in Ukraine, Hungary and Russia.

For industrial plants DMCC proposes the following services:

  • Supply System Due Diligence
  • Load-flow and short circuit currents calculation studies
  • Equipment duty vs equipment rating (short circuit withstand check)
  • Protection relays coordination
  • Arch-Flash Hazard Analysis
  • Supply system expansion planning
  • Personal Safety Trainings